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Back in the eighties Konami ruled the world of SHMUPS with the Nemesis (or Gradius) series. But Irem Corp. (known also from  Lode Runner and Kung Fu Master) released a killer shoot-em up called: R-Type.

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With end-bosses sized the entire screen, different directions scrolling and much more advanced techniques this new shooter rocked our homecomputers!

This remake is somewhat of a tribute to both Konami's Nemesis Legacy and Irem's R-Type as it has influences from both games. Still it's mostly R-Type and a very good remake for Windows to begin with.


Original screenshot
R-Type original screenshot
Original released for
ZX Spectrum
Sega Master System
Commodore 64
Atari ST
Amstrad CPC

Original release date
Back in 1988

Original developer
Irem Corp.

Remake author
CnC Darkside

6686 unique downloads

Gameplay video (R-Type)
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