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Remake screenshot(s) Asteroids remake screenshotAsteroids remake screenshotAsteroids remake screenshot


George Thornton must be a great fan of Asteroids as he has not created one, but two remakes of Asteroids. This is the first of the two and features excellent graphics and fantastic gameplay.

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The concept of the game is well known and fun to play, this remakes adds to it by bringing it to a much higher level. Be sure to check out the sequel as well.

Enjoy this free Windows PC remake of Asteroids. Download and play!

Original screenshot
Asteroids original screenshot
Original released for
Atari 8-bit
Atari 7800
Atari 2600

Original release date
Back in 1981

Original developer

Remake author
George Thornton

1181 unique downloads

Gameplay video (Asteroids)
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