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Kickle Cubicle

Check out this great Windows PC remake of Kickle Cubicle! This 1988 NES puzzle game is awesome and so is the remake! As you may expect from a NES game, Kick Cubicle has a great backstory also. The game has four kingdoms with 18 puzzles each to win in order to beat the Wizard King. And after you've done so? There is a final stage with 30 more puzzles to beat!

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Sounds great? I think so, and this remake has it all! 85 puzzles in 5 different worlds to play. The game has upgraded 3D graphcis. The original has 2D pixeled semi-3D stages, but the remake has that in an upgraded way for Windows PC.

This is a great game to play, so download it free and enjoy Kickle Cubicle on your PC!

Original screenshot
Kickle Cubicle original screenshot
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Original release date
Back in 1988

Original developer
Irem Corp.

Remake author
Matt Pillz

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