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Wonderboy PC remake

Another platformer worthy of all the attention, Wonderboy takes us back to the classic arcades of the ‘80s. Wonderboy didn’t stop after the first game, evolving into a series of five sequels that stirred the same reactions among video game lovers. The purpose of the game is to control the little caveman boy Tom-Tom and help him save Tina, his girlfriend.

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There are plenty of interactive elements that modify the gameplay, such as angels, power-ups or poisonous elements. Some say that the game was a commercial success because it resembles Super Mario Bros or Pac-Land, two hits in the arcade game industry.

Original screenshot
Wonderboy original screenshot
Original released for
Amstrad CPC
Sega Master System
Commodore 64
ZX Spectrum

Original release date
Back in 1986

Original developer

Remake author
Retro Reloader

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