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Monkey Academy

Back in the 80's the educational possibilities of having a homecomputer were actualy commercially attractive. Even for big publishers like Konami who are the original developers of Monkey Academy. This mathgame was released for MSX and Colecovision and maybe you have worked on your mathskills with this game as well. If so, you will certainly enjoy this PC remake of Monkey Academy.

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Nowadays educational gaming still exists but most of the time its pretty boring. Konami did manage to create a fun game while also adding educational value to it. I must admit that the questions were a lot easier in the original version compared to the remake. But maybe that's just me!

If you would like to give it a shot yourself, to see how your math skills are these days, I'd say download and play this free Windows remake of Monkey Academy and find out!

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Back in 1984

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PJ Crossley

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