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Karl's Treasure Hunt

Karl's Treasure Hunt must be one of the more obscure Amstrad games out there. But that did not keep Read Beaver to remake it for Windows PC. The game is not overly polished, it's graphics are redone but don't add much to the gameplay. Maybe it would have been better if this was a true to the original remake. However, it's fun to play if you enjoyed this game on your Amstrad in 1984 as well.

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The game revolves around Karl who is doing some treasure hunting. You get Karl through 40 levels and collect a key from each one. When you have collected all 40 keys you can finally leave and open the treasure chest, ending the game of course.

Getting excited to play again? Download this free Windows PC remake and enjoy!

Original screenshot
Karl's Treasure Hunt original screenshot
Original released for
Amstrad CPC

Original release date
Back in 1984

Original developer
Software Projects

Remake author
Red Beaver

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