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Bagman is one of those games that was inspired by many games but added so much original gameplay, that it in itself inspired other gamedeveloper as well. It's not hard to see elements from Spooks and Ladders or Lode Runner in Bagman. And on the otherhand the elevators seem to have influenced The Goonies, while the pick-axe seems to have inspired King's Quest, the last two both by Konami. Or maybe we're just seeing things that aren't there?

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But back to this Bagman excellent remake by LC Games. Bagman was never released for Windows or DOS for that matter. And this remake for Windows is an excellent example of indie retro enthusiasm. It features very rich graphics and wonderful gameplay. In 1982 Bagman was released for Arcade, but now you can download it for Windows and play this retro Bagman remake.

Original screenshot
Bagman original screenshot
Original released for
Commodore 64

Original release date
Back in 1982

Original developer
Valadon automation

Remake author
LC Games

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