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Robotron PC remake

Robotron 2084 gives player Berzerk feels for sure, but it’s a whole different deal. The 2D shoot ‘em up arcade game presents a dystopia where humans must fight robots in the context of a cyber revolt. The player needs to hold against waves of robots from a top-down perspective. This is one of the few multi-directional shooter games specific for the period.

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The challenging part about Robotron is that the player has to avoid enemy attacks while also progressing in order to get closer to the game’s finish. If you’re a veteran in retro games, you probably know some things about the text-based game, Chase. Well, Robotron follows the same principle but with better graphics and a more entertaining look.

Original screenshot
Robotron original screenshot
Original released for
ZX Spectrum

Original release date
Back in 1985

Original developer
Krypton Force

Remake author
Hijong Park

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