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Get 'em DX

Get 'em DX is a modern classic as we know them. Released in 2012 this game is hardly as old as most of the games we've preserved. That said, it stil IS a Commodore64 game classic. When you start playing you probably see the resemblance with Pacman. A intersected maze filled with white round pills that you must collect and enemies that spawn and try to attack you. Can't really miss it.

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Anyway, this 2021 Commordor64 game by Psytronik / RGCD is now also available as a game for Windows. Released by GR Games (Georg Rottensteiner) who actually also happens to be behind RGCD. Download, play, enjoy! Note that you must use compatibility mode in Windows 10 to start the game.

Original screenshot
Get 'em DX original screenshot
Original released for
Commodore 64

Original release date
Back in 2012

Original developer
Psytronik Software

Remake author
GR Games

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