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Berzerk, or sometimes called Robot, is one of the games we remember really well from our own childhood. The one-eyed, laser-sighted robots were so vividly real, you'd almost get nightmares from them. And all of that in just 8x8 pixels. Isn't retro gaming awesome?

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Anyway, you can relive that feeling without the need to boot up your Atari or MSX homecomputer. As Berzerk is now available as a great upgraded version for Windows. Hijong Park remade this game and added 3 different game modes to it.

Does it give you the same robot phobia as it did in 1980? Find out for yourself! Download and play today!

Original screenshot
Berzerk original screenshot
Original released for
Atari 2600
Atari 5200

Original release date
Back in 1980

Original developer
Stern Electronics

Remake author
Hijong Park

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Gameplay video (Berzerk)
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