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Remake screenshot(s) Three weeks in paradise remake screenshotThree weeks in paradise remake screenshotThree weeks in paradise remake screenshot

This is an 1986 arcade adventure game originally released for ZX Spectrum. It has similar gameplay to other Mikro-Games like Everyone's a Wally and Hebert's Dummy Run. If you enjoyed those adventure games back in the days, be sure to check out Team SpecNG's remake of Three Weeks in Paradise.

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The team did not just remake the classic, but also added their personal touch by redesigning the graphics which add lots to the game. The remake is free ofcourse for Windows PC's. So download and enjoy !

Original screenshot
Three weeks in paradise original screenshot
Original released for
ZX Spectrum
Amstrad CPC

Original release date
Back in 1986

Original developer
Mikro Gen

Remake author
Team SpecNG

2307 unique downloads

Gameplay video (Three weeks in paradise)
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Currently rated: 4.9 / 5 stars by 408 gamers.