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Desert Strike

It was quite controversial of EA to release Desert Strike in 1992 just two years after the actual Gulf war whilst having so much references to this actual war. However in the years to follow we've learned that wargames became a complete genre in itself. A team of indie developers remade the Amiga hit Desert Strike for PC in full 3D mode using Unity. Desert Strike is the 1st game in a full series which later on includes Jungle Strike, Urban Strike and many others. 

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Desert Strike was awesome on Amiga, DOS and SNES and a little less awesome on all other platforms. The game has an isometric view, which we know from many homecomputer games from the eighties. Adding a helicopter, explosions and aggresive enemies to it, made it a really good game back then. Are you ready for the Windows remade version?

Original screenshot
Desert Strike original screenshot
Original released for
Sega Master System
Commodore Amiga

Original release date
Back in 1992

Original developer
Electronic Arts

Remake author
Eric Hack

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