Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When I try to download a game, the screen just flashed and/or nothing happens.

A: The games are mirrored to a fast download server and a download script makes sure only visitors from can download the files. This script may cause your anti-virus software to trigger a false-positive. Try to disable your antivirus temporarily or add the domain * to the trusted domains list of your antivirus software.

Q: Can I use a joystick? Which keys do I need to play the game? And alike questions.

A: Please refer to the documentation that came along with the download. If no docs are supplied and there's no ingame help. Please refer to the developers website. If available the website is linked from the game details page here on

Q: I've downloaded a game, but it's in zip format or a format my PC doesn't recognize.

A: Most games are compressed to an archive like ZIP or RAR. Visit to download and install a free decompression/unarchive tool.

Q: I'm running Linux, have a MacIntosh, or another non MS Windows PC. Can I play the games?

A: Unfortunately, no. Not unless you know how to emulate Windows on your non-Windows PC.

Q: How do I download the games?

A: Just click the "download now:" link on each game detail page

Q: Who made these games?

A: The games have been made by many different developers. All of them are mentioned on the game details pages and if they have a website, they're also linked from the 'links' page. Visit their websites to learn more about the developers and their projects (and to send them some nice feedback :))

Q: I just tried to download a game, but the link seems dead.

A: Please report any dead links through the "report broken link" link on each game detail page.

Q: Can you add this or that game for download?

A: We don't create remakes, we just enjoy and review them. If you can't find a specific game here, try google or ask around at the retro remakes forum on which a lot of developers are active.

Q: I've added a link to your website, can you add a link to mine?

A: Possibly if you are running a retro (games) website. Please drop me an email.

Q: I'm running Windows Vista or Windows 7 and old DOS games are not running anymore. How can I play these games?

A: Try DosBox. It's a DOS emulator which allows you to play DOS games under Windows XP/Vista.